A Decade of Digital Justice

In an interview with Urban Omnibus, Greta Byrum, Director of Community Tech New York, looks upon her own history of building community through reimagining relationships with technology. Greta shares how her initial interest in exploring the potential for local radio to support communities in times of crisis led her to aiding neighborhoods in New York and Detroit to localize control […]

Our Favorite Mountaineers Make Moves

We couldn’t be happier with our partners in the Clearfork Valley, TN! April Jarocki and other members from the Southern Connected Communities Project braved the heights and heat on the roof of the Clearfork Community Institute to install a Yagi antenna, increasing the hotspot 300 more feet and providing wireless internet to more residents on the mountain. Learn more about […]

Stepping through the Portal: CTNY & the Pandemic

Stepping through the Portal: CTNY & the Pandemic

The pandemic is shining a bright spotlight on the fundamental human right of communication. Separated from each other physically, we need telecommunications to access educational opportunities, to work remotely, and to feed our souls through connection to loved ones. In the past month has become clearer than ever how digital inequality disproportionately impacts particular communities.  We see a few major […]