Community Technology

Community Technology is an alternative vision of technology in which communities and neighborhoods have direct control over their digital communications, allowing for greater self-determination and power over their shared digital voices.

Teaching Community Technology Handbook

Our focus at CTNY is on unlocking the potential of community-led, internet infrastructures and making digital communication accessible to all. We partner with organizations that embrace Community Tech principles and approaches to demystify technology and co-build community internet with local residents.

Beyond connecting to the internet, our work seeks to empower individuals to build the skills and relationships for addressing community needs. These needs look different in each place we work, whether it’s air quality monitoring and environmental justice in the Bronx, building a database of folk remedies and health and employment opportunities in rural Appalachia, or if it’s piloting a local network in public housing in South LA. 

We work with communities across the US to realize an alternative vision of technology where tech is built to fit human relationships, not the other way around. Community Technologists facilitate a healthy integration of technology into people’s lives and communities, allowing them the fundamental human right to communicate. 

In our work, we don’t move fast and break things; we move with intention and care to build the relationships and the solutions that prioritize mutual aid and support.