Digital Stewardship

Being engaged as a Digital Steward lets you know that you are your own problem solver. If you can identify what the resources are you can say ‘I can create my own solutions because I’m grounded in this community.’

We are able to be our own problem solvers.

Monique Tate, Detroit, MI

The Digital Stewardship program recognizes all participants for their valuable knowledge and experience and invites them to break down the uses of everyday technology found in their homes and neighborhoods. We believe that once residents have explored how technology works they will be in a better position to imagine and build alternatives that can be used to solve problems unique to their communities.

The Digital Stewardship curriculum uses methods adopted from popular education, developed during the Civil Rights movement and from radical thinkers like Paolo Freire. This approach informs how the Digital Stewards are trained in community organizing, building and maintaining a wireless network and eventual knowledge transfer to other community residents.

After years of sharing the Digital Stewardship model with people around the country we are proud of the stories of progress, enlightenment and self-determination that unfold for our participants. From mountaineers in Tennessee installing antennas and expanding their own mesh network, to residents in Kingston, NY modifying the PNK to provide internet access to COVID19 testing centers, stories like these show us the remind us of the power and possibilities of Digital Stewards.