Mutual Aid Resources

Community technology is animated by the belief that communication is a fundamental human right. Preserving this right during times of normalcy and crisis alike requires resilient communications networks as well as the knowledge required to build and maintain them.

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we’re releasing the documentation for using our Portable Network Kits as a high-powered WiFi hotspot. The PNK hotspot will allow you to share an internet connection with your neighbors. It also provides an offline (local) chat forum and collaborative docs for neighbors in isolation to connect, express needs, stay in touch, and share resources. 

You can download the Portable Network Kit Setup Guide here.

The Portable Network Kit (PNK) serves as an open-source collection of hardware and software housed in a waterproof, battery-powered, solar-enabled kit. PNKs can be used to connect to an existing internet connection or they can be used offline as a local networking tool, complete with its own server, chat service, and document editor.

We have trained local residents to build and deploy PNKs in New York, Tennessee, and Detroit, empowering them to build their own communications infrastructure that they can control and govern. PNKs also serve as an excellent teaching tool for understanding how wireless networking happens and how the Internet works.