Training & Education

CTNY trains community members to build, maintain, and govern their own WiFi communications systems.

  • We train non-traditional technologists — community leaders and organizers, tinkerers and builders, in addition to those with tech skills — to create healthy social + digital ecosystems
  • We train people as trainers and entrepreneurs, so that they can bring their skills to others in the community
  • We support not only the technical process of network development, but also governance and policy work that comes with it.

We offer a range of options, from an intro on what it means to build a community network to long-term train-the-trainers engagements to support a full community build-out

We tailor our trainings to create a system that works for your community, not just to bring internet but to address community needs like environmental monitoring, disaster preparedness and recovery, access to education and employment, or telehealth.

Whenever possible, we offer in-person workshops in the communities we serve in order to build and deepen trust and relationships. However, due to the need for social distancing, we are finding ways to work with care and intention in the online environment.